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You are Your Best Investment

· Investment,Self-Care

You’re with you more than anyone through your life. This is true for us all, from the moment we're born to the moment we take our last breath. Essential to living a courageous life, nothing could be more important than investing in you. You’re truly your best investment.

There are essentially 3 meanings for the word, invest:

  • to commit (money) resources in order to earn a (financial) return,
  • to make use of resources for future benefits or advantages, and
  • to involve or engage, especially emotionally.

Many of us, myself included, learned to put others first. That it's polite to prioritize other peoples' wants and needs / thoughts and feelings. That it's bad to be impolite. I was socialized this way. In fact, it was expected of me, seen as selfish not to be this way.

Perhaps it’s the belief that to invest in others is to invest in one's security or worth. In this way, prioritizing others becomes a self-preserving strategy, which could be construed as investing in oneself. But, is it?

The impact of not putting others first can be fear / panic, shame and guilt inducing, so putting others first can also be a protective measure against these difficult feelings.

Prioritizing only others can be a recipe for resentment - which is a mixture of disgust, sadness, perceived injustice, anger, fear and disappointment. This is basically a path to profound regret, because not investing in oneself over time leaves you without.

Personally, it’s been a journey to unlearn this conditioning to evolve into a balanced practice of setting healthy boundaries and honoring both mySelf and Others - learning Self-Care.

We each have innate capacities, resources, rights, feelings and purpose. Only by investing in you by honoring your capacities, resources, rights, feelings and purpose can you fully align with your life's mission - this is saying YES-to-your-WHY (you're here). Then, from this YES-to-your-WHY - your alignment allows you to show up for yourSelf AND Others - both/and.

By investing in you, by honoring your life's priorities, while respecting others at the same time, you're cultivating inner materialism ... the inner good stuff... inner treasures... calm, peace and sweetness of heart. This is the essence of Self-Care, true worth. Talk about a return on your investment!

What resources will you commit to you now for a return on this investment in you? How will you make use of this investment into the future? How will you level up to achieve this? And, what will it cost if you don’t?

Put you first! How? Say no. Say yes. Express, play, create, move, dance, plant seeds, nourish your body, mind, heart, soul. Laugh until you cry. Cry if you need to. Dare to be "selfish" - think of it as soul-setting. Listen to your heart. Attend to relationship from here.

Invest in YOU because:

  • YOU, your life and your mission matters.
  • You won't regret building equity in YourSelf.
  • You could seriously regret it if you don't... and it's never too late to make the investment.

It feels good to cultivate treasures of the heart and the more treasures you feel, the more treasures you'll create. And, the more you'll be able to show and do for others.

Your life depends on it.

And, you deserve to live your life feeling good, creating good and knowing you matter. And, most of all, the world needs YOU to live your mission.



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