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Radically Grateful

Join in the practice of Gratitude becoming your chronic state of being!


Halloween is the warm up.

Thanksgiving is the launch.

Now, here we are, about to embark on THE HOLIDAYS!

It started for me with Starbucks' Christmas Vintage showing up on Nov 1. Feeling slightly taken aback, I posted on Facebook that this had happened while waiting for my order of... Starbucks' Christmas Vintage. In that moment, after clearly getting sucked in, it got processed as something important enough to post about on Facebook ... now, here I am seriously barely believing we're nearly at the close of 2018. How. Did. That. Happen???

Time feels simply different to me these days.
It's hard to explain. As if it's more quality than number.

Less linear. More just is.

And, I want to acknowledge that this time of year is not filled with thanks for everyone for many valid reasons, which requires heavy lifting Self-care and guess what else? Radical Gratitude.

Most of all, in this moment, I'm immensely grateful for feeling Grateful.

One of my dear clients often notes his desire to simply feel Gratitude - the state. To simply access and be able to hold that state - the state of Gratitude. We often hold this together in the space through the work. And, it always touches my heart reminding me how Gratitude in and of itself is a gift to feel. Pure, high-vibrational, true Gratitude.

Imagine feeling a chronic state of Gratitude as opposed to anxiety, depression, negativity or just plain pain. Really imagine.

Like, in this moment take 5 full minutes that you time on your phone to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, focus your intention and become the role of Gratitude. Embody it.

Imagine living from that place.

Imagine, if no matter what the hell happens, you chronically practice radical Gratitude towards it. Really.

Like fiercely practice feeling grateful.

Even towards the hardest parts. So challenging.

And, seriously, this could change YOU and the world.

Masterful manifesters share a secret. They know having Gratitude for something as if it already happened has the mystical outcome of manifesting a result - as if by magic. But, it's not magic (winking nod to Rebecca Walters, email me if you want to know the story). It's the mystical power of what aligning with the vibration of Gratitude ignites. Then, tune that with the determination to base action on that frequency. We're talking serious results this could bring. Imagine.

What an incredible year it's been! Still remains to be.

And, my intention for this season is to practice the practice of cultivating a chronic state of radical Gratitude... no matter what. And, now that I've written it here, it's out there.

No going back. Chronic Gratitude it is.

And, there's still some serious manifesting to do just yet.

Join in the practice of Gratitude becoming your chronic state of being!

Write down your intentions. Then, have Gratitude for them as if they've already occurred. Prepare to need to keep redetermining to the practice. Know this is normal. We're not looking for perfection here.

It's a process. Then, track the gifts in whatever form they appear.

Here's to cultivating chronic Gratitude for a rich close to the year 2018.

Radically Grateful,


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