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Let the sharing begin...

Heeding the call, I give you Launch SOUL, a blog devoted to courageous living.

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Heeding the call, I give you Launch SOUL, a blog devoted to courageous living. Birthing and brewing in my being for years, Launch SOUL has manifested to show how obstacles used as opportunities for transformation can create value in all ways. It's not an expert's path. It's simply my path with my Soul that's perhaps relatable and inspirational for you, reader,to create your own YOUnique life according to your heart's guidance. So, let the sharing begin...

Disruption and status quo are opposites on the transformation continuum. One cannot exist without impacting the other when it comes to the change process. And, it's hard not to feel destabilized when the impact hits. Suffering is also real - most often underlying the continuum and potentially serving as a catalyst for transformation. The key lies in how suffering is approached. Is it held with love and light, broken through and healed? Or, is it blocked, denied, avoided, suppressed and reactivated creating more blockage, injury, and pain? As long as we're alive, we're on this path called life that can hurt. It can be opportunity for consciousness transformation which, I assert, is the point of everything. Or, not. There's a choice.

An essential disruption occurred for me when at 23, I was raped by a stranger on a morning jog. This happened in the context of what had already been mostly a pretty rough ride, which I've never been a fan of, rough rides or roller coasters that is, especially the ones that go upside down in the dark! Yet, in response to this life-altering event, what I've come to name my first deep dive into the underworld, something other than the self I'd known up to that point emerged and chose. As a result, the journey of transmuting my pain to make a difference in the world catalyzed. My therapist then said, "I know you can do this Maria... and, be sure you do your own work first." I thank her for that, and my white boxer Bella, too. Their belief in me made all the difference. It's all about doing one's own work first. And, I believe in you.

A wise woman I've known might say, "the best revenge is living well." While I aspire to live well, and the essence of this I get, it's never been about revenge for me. It's always been about calling, deepening faith and belief in possibility. If we respond to pain as a spiritual practice, which responding this way would be, we're golden, from the point of view of alchemy. And transmuting pain into sweet transformation is the ultimate benefit. So, here I am co-creating this blog with my Soul about living a deep and fierce choice to be on this path of creating value no matter what. And, you're invited along the way.

Standing for greatness takes a brave heart. It's not painless. It's inner-directed, and most certainly meaningful. And, I assert, without support through experience, connection and perspective with others on this path, it's easy to lose your way. So, let me hold the lantern while we make our way.

And, one more thing. Though I'd love for you to follow me so we can share this path together, be sure to follow your heart first.

Have a lovely day,


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