• Empowering Purposeful Living

  • "Living with purpose is the key to blooming a life you love. "

    Maria Mellano,

    Creator of WellWorth

    Maria Mellano

    Are you seeking more balance, depth and meaning in your life?


    Are you ready to bloom a life you love?


    You’ve come to the right place.


    WellWorth counseling and consulting services guides conscious adults and next generation inheritors to create a purposeful life that has balance, depth and meaning... an authentic life that you love. To us, this means that your wellness (what empowers you to thrive) and your worth (the gifts you have to share) are in full alignment with realizing the mission driven vision that we believe everyone has.


    If you are:

    • Feeling trapped, lost, stuck or unsure,
    • At a crossroads and not sure which direction to take or decision to make,
    • Feeling alone with life’s changes and challenges,
    • Seeking to redefine your identity and live empowered as your true Self,
    • Suffering in relationship (with your partner, family, food, body, money or substance),
    • Ready to unearth a deeply buried dream…


    WellWorth can help...

    and having the right support is well worth it!


    The work we’ll do offers the lasting transformation of therapy (without feeling like classical talk therapy!) alongside coaching and mentoring focused on outcomes, goals, and making your dreams a reality.


    Together, we will:

    • Clarify your pain/pressure points, desires and dreams,
    • Support you to bravely and skillfully take responsibility for your life and path,
    • Uncover, address and release any blocks / barriers / burdens to realizing your intentions / goals / dreams,
    • Reveal and repattern limiting behaviors, identities and beliefs,
    • Guide you through the disruption and vulnerability that naturally occurs with transformational work,
    • Support fresh boundaries as changes unfold and stabilize,
    • Masterfully focus on creating alignment in the areas that empower you to live your most fulfilling life


    Are you ready to start blooming a purposeful life that you truly love? Then let’s support you to live the best version of yourself — a life founded in well-being, worth, and fulfillment aligned with your purposeful vision.



    Schedule a discovery session by contacting me now.


    Bloom a life you love!



    Maria Mellano

    Maria Mellano, Creator of WellWorth

    Maria Mellano is an experiential psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, and certified practitioner of psychodrama and group psychotherapy. She's been in the mental health field for over 20 years, working with a variety of client populations, including a specialty in eating disorders, and has extensive practice in internal family systems, dialectical behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis. Her approach includes an experiential and spiritually-based focus on attachment, systems and psychodynamics. Maria is also a certified money, marketing and soul coach, and is committed to supporting those longing to make a positive difference in the world to lead lives of impact by bringing their wellness, worth and legacy into alignment.


    As a next generation inheritor, Maria grew up playing an active role in her family’s flower growing and real estate business, and later took on a professional role in their estate transition planning process. The way that she navigated complex family dynamics and her sense of purpose in the world underwent a pivotal change at age 23, when she was raped by a stranger on a morning jog. Maria’s recovery and claiming of her survivorship put her on the path to transforming life’s hardships to make a positive difference in the world, and supporting others to do the same. Another major turning point came in 2007, when Maria experienced acute illness and nearly lost her life. At this time, she was guided into energy work, somatic therapy, and other forms of alternative healing. Doing this healing work in addition to her decades long Buddhist meditation practice not only allowed Maria to make a miraculous recovery, but also gave her a lived experience of making the impossible possible, and a desire to empower others to do the same.


    Maria’s practice is based in both Boston and San Diego, and she offers remote sessions, group intensives, and transformational coaching programs.



    Boston Office Location:

    112 Water Street, Suite 203, Boston, MA 02109


    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 961186, Boston, MA 02196


    Email: Maria@WellWorth.Life

    Phone: 857 284 7237

    Fax: 857 284 7238



    For counseling / therapy sessions out of network insurance plans can be accepted and typically pay for a portion of the session. I am Tufts provider and a Medicare Primary provider. A classical session fee is $200.


    For consulting (which includes coaching and mentoring) fee structures depend on the need, service and program.


    Additional questions can be answered upon request.


    For information about Boston Psychodrama Institute and its offerings, please go to: www.BostonPsychodrama.com.


    For Maria Mellano’s blog, please go to www.LaunchSoul.com.


    For information about Liberty Wellness Center and renting office space, please go to www.LibertyWellnessCenter.com.