Psychotherapy & Coaching for Body, Mind & Soul Alignment


    Maria Mellano, LICSW, CP/PAT


    Hello! I’m Maria Mellano, Creator of WellWorth, a seasoned psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, certified practitioner of psychodrama and group psychotherapy, and a certified money, marketing and soul coach. WellWorth empowers heartful, purposeful, full-potential living to bloom a life you genuinely love. I work with adults, individually and in partnership.


    The WellWorth path starts from within, where your relationship with yourself comes first. This means embracing knowing ThySelf, You on a deep level, and understanding the role environment has played in who you’ve become. It means letting go of looking outside yourself for any cause, solution, or blame; the tendency to expect others or things to change before you do is common. This is a "may it begin with me" approach, embracing intuitive, intentional, and effective Self-led living.


    You can expect that we’ll start where you are - wherever that may be. Together, we’ll clarify what got you there... what’s draining and weighing on you, as well as what fulfills and inspires you. We’ll address priorities drawing upon a rich repertoire of resources. We’ll apply original experiential exercises that bring insights and breakthroughs organically. We’ll persevere through the vulnerability that naturally occurs with core, transformational work. While striving for holding heartful space, we’ll balance boundaries when and where needed supporting lasting change.


    Psychotherapy for the Soul.

    Live on Purpose.

    Bloom a Life, you Truly Love.





    Stay tuned for the new program, Bloom a Life You Love I am co-creating with Madonna Murphy. More details coming very soon. Affiliated with this program is a free online offering called, The Bloominar Series. This is online offerings devoted to true nourishment for the body, mind, and soul presented by various specialists. For more information about both, please visit: www.Bloomalifeyoulove.com.


    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • My Story


    I'm a human on the path of life, just like you. I've been in the mental health field for over 20 years since getting my MSW at Smith College. I'm experienced with a variety of client populations, including a specialty in eating disorders. I have extensive practice in psychodrama & drama therapy, internal family systems, dialectical behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy. My approach includes an experiential and spiritually based focus on alignment, attachment, systems, and psychodynamics with a focus on working with empathic, creative and spiritually attuned individuals and entrepreneurs.


    I am especially inspired by supporting those longing to make a difference in the world lead lives of depth and impact by bringing your well-being, worth and purpose into heartful alignment.


    As a next generation family business owner, I grew up in my family’s Southern California flower growing business, later playing an active role in the real estate aspect of the business and estate transition planning process.


    The way I navigated complex family dynamics and sense of purpose in the world underwent a pivotal change at age 23, when I experienced sexual assault. This was followed by living abroad in Japan for 3.5 years where I encountered and embraced Buddhism as well as other eastern healing modalities such as acupuncture and Japanese flower arrangement. My recovery and claiming of survivorship put me on the path to transforming life’s hardships to make a positive difference in the world and supporting others to do the same. Another major turning point came in 2007, when I experienced acute life threatening auto immune illness and nearly lost my life. At this time, I was guided into energy healing, somatic therapy, and other forms of alternative healing practices by a team of integrative health experts combining the best of western and eastern practices.


    Doing this healing work in addition to my decades long Buddhist meditation and chanting practice not only allowed me to make a miraculous recovery, but also gave me a lived experience of making the impossible possible, and a desire to empower others to do the same.




    My services are mostly self-pay. A classic 50-55 minutes session is $200.


    I am a contracted provider with Medicare primary and can submit claims for out-of-network insurance plans.


    If you have an out-of-network plan it would have the letters "PPO" written on your insurance card.


    You may contact your insurance company for details about your plan.



    Office Location:

    Boston's Financial District. I also work remotely and offer intensives and retreats at sites determined by the offering. Currently due to the Covid-19 physical distancing for safety requirements, all sessions are offered remotely.


    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 961186

    Boston, MA 02196


    Email: Maria@WellWorth.Life

    Office Landline: 857 284 7237