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    The WellWorth path starts from within. With bringing Awareness to the body and breath, focusing on presencing in the here and now, balancing core belonging and practicing brave boundaries in relationship, inside with yourself and outside with others.


    I hold space for releasing the tendency to look outside oneself for causation, solution, blame or rescuing. It is also held for understanding the role environment has played in the person you are being; hence, we may understand influencing factors for your conditioning and patterns from which transformation is possible.


    Mine is a may it begin with me approach. This means your intuition and your original expression of your brilliance are aligned and activated for the optimal outcome. This is about Self-leading a heart-guided life balanced in wholeness and harmony with healthy responsibility. This calls for waking up from the trance of the scarcity matrix of shame, guilt and fear conditioning, unconscious dependency and rigid and extreme expressions of ego, then waking up to Awareness of your essential nature, knowing ThySelf, on a deep, core, organic level and feeling into Flow of living well consciously.


    You can expect to start in the Here and Now, the present moment. You can expect to be challenged. I strive to clarify what got you where you are, what is depleting and burdening you, and what fulfills and inspires you. We will address your priorities drawing upon a rich repertoire of resources. We will apply unique experiential exercises for practice and deeper insight, creating breakthroughs that occur spontaneously. We will persevere through the vulnerability that naturally occurs with core, transformational work, which is painful and healing, while holding heartful space for harmonizing into wholeness for lasting change, which is loving and compassionate.

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    I’m Maria Mellano, creator of WellWorth, a seasoned wellness professional, psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, certified practitioner of psychodrama (a creative/expressive art), and a certified money, marketing and soul coach with over 20 years professional experience.


    I'm experienced with a variety of client populations, including a specialty in eating disorders and trauma. I have additional and extensive training and practice in group psychotherapy, internal family systems, dialectical behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy. My approach is foundationally attachment, experiential and spiritually based aligning systems and psychodynamics.


    I've been a professional in the human, wellness and transformational field for over 20 years since getting my MSW at Smith College. Prior to that I was a fitness instructor, dancer, teacher, Buddhist practitioner (and, still am) and abuse/trauma and life threatening illness survivor. Most of all, I'm a soul in human form living my unique Bloomprint, just like you. I have a particular interest in helping the highly resourced and empathic beings lead lives of depth and impact by bringing well-being, worth and purpose into heartful alignment, shining the soul, positively and purposefully contributing to the world.


    For more information about my uniquely designed offerings through my coaching programs, please check out my other site, Bloom A Life you Love.


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    Let Your Soul Shine!

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    I am in-network with Tufts, Optum and Medicare.

    Otherwise, I accept out of network insurance plans. A standard session is $200.



    Located in Boston's Financial District. Currently, all sessions are conducted remotely.



    PO Box 961186

    Boston, MA 02196




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